Get all the elements of your business under control centrally

Also known as TMS, our software focuses on transport logistics and coordinates control of consignments between order management systems, the warehouse, the distribution centre and the drivers.

TMS covers the four main processes of transportation management;

Planning,  Execution, Follow up and Measurement.

Our TMS will integrate with routing and scheduling software, use pre prepared route templates or routes can be planned manually from a map display or paperwork.
Load / route details can be uploaded to drivers' phones and proof of delivery returned real time to the transport management system and the customers directly.
Monitor the progress of your drivers, be alerted to possible service issues and pro actively solve them before they become customer service issues.
Understand your productivity and costs, price your services more accurately, spot trends early and produce timely, accurate invoices that your customers will understand.

Benefit your business by integrating your customers and suppliers into our user friendly Transport Management System. Simplify your office procedures, improve the efficiency of your transport operations and enjoy reduced costs and increased profits that will follow.

TrackTrans' Transport Management System enables you to:
• Create, export, POD, Price and Invoice all from one package
• Give great customer service, let your customers see the status of their consignments Live online
• View the days progress at a glance through the colour coded diary screen
• Access your TMS anywhere in the world from any internet enabled PC
• In conjunction with our POD android app receive complete signatures, co-ordinates and times
• Link your TMS with your customers ERP/TMS solution, receive live electronic jobs, return real time status and PODs
• All your data backed up and protected on our specialist servers

Our staff have over 65 years experience in the shipping and transport industry and we have built a reputation as one of the leading Transport Management System companies in the UK as well as  internationally. For more information see TMS Details or give us a call today on 0118 380 0323.