Goods Inwards

• EDI - receive data from supplier systems via the TrackTrans 'Message Hub' - simple XML interface. Create pre-advices for manpower and space planning
• Manual - Simple and quick to enter essential information
• Customer, Supplier, Stock codes, Packing units, SKUs, Serial numbers. etc...
• Bar Codes - Scan goods in using supplier bar codes or prepare goods in labels with system generated bar codes
• Holding area - unload directly to a holding area for quick turnaround and accurate checking and labelling

Put Away

• Stock locations - all pallet locations and stock holding areas defined with system generated bar coded location labels
• Pick bays replenished first in put away process
• Optimise Locations - Goods directed to vacant locations according to speed of throughput and proximity to pick bays
• Integrate replenishment with the put away process - utilise the return leg of the fork lift movement for pick bay top up and location management


• Multi task picking - pick lists for different customers can be run concurrently
• Pick bays - used to manage break bulk quantities and pick lists prepared to use bins before breaking boxes or pallets
• Pick lists - optimised to reduce picking tasks to the minimum and to maximise productivity
• Stock rotation - stock utilised on a 'First in, First out' basis. Can be overridden if other factors need to be considered
• Line picking - pick orders directly during the unloading process

Goods Out

• Shipping labels - produce shipping labels and record consignment weight and dimensions
• Scan out - confirm loading of consignments with scanning of shipping labels, overscan to consolidate shipping labels
• Create Consignments in TrackTrans TMS
• Manage Delivery process to final consignee with Proof Of Delivery

Stock Check

Blind scan of stock by:
• Customer
• Area
• Range of locations
• Entire warehouse
• Scan results compared with 'Book' stock figures and reconcile variances
• Facility to update stock with 'actual' figures and maintain an audit trail of all adjustments


• Invoicing - Prepare detailed schedules to support summary financial invoices
• Integrate working time information with your payroll system

Management reporting

• Stock reports
• Empty locations
• Pick bay replenishment requirements
• Enquiries - on all aspects stock movements


Maintains lists of:
• Customers
• Locations
• SKU's
• Employees
• Users, etc....

System Architecture

• SQL database backend
• Browser based Java application
• C++ for WiFi handheld devices
• 'Message Hub' XML based

Service Option

• Hosted service on a 'Pay as you go' basis - no up front costs - no long term contract