Sygic the best in offline Satellite navigation - fleet version with road restrictions

Reliable offline app, no internet needed

Sygic GPS Navigation is an offline navigation app.

This means that all the important stuff like maps, millions of points of interest and software for route calculation, are all stored on the phone.

So even if there is no mobile internet you can count on Sygic to guide you to your destination.



High-quality maps & Free updates

Great navigation takes accurate and up-to-date maps.

Because roads are constantly changing Sygic offers frequent map updates at no additional cost.

Sygic provides the latest maps from premium providers.

Sygic GPS Navigation is the right app for your next trip.



Turn-by-Turn voice guidance

Sygic GPS Navigation will find the best route for you, whether you are driving or walking.

Each mode offers convenient directions specifically tailored for drivers or pedestrians.

You will never get lost again and always get to your destination as quickly as possible.


3D buildings & landscape

A precise map is not enough to find your bearings easily in an unfamiliar city.

3D landmarks, buildings, parks, mountains and valleys, and smooth map movement.

Driving with Sygic GPS Navigation is both practical and enjoyable.