Kuehne + Nagel

About K + N

Founded in 1898 K + N is a world leading Swiss based international freight forwarder, providing businesses of all sizes with logistics services worldwide. K + N have a global network of 900 offices in more than 100 countries and employ over 55,000 transport specialists worldwide. A non-asset based freight forwarder K + N utilise a vast range of service providers from shipping lines, airlines, global parcel carriers to national and local carriers.

The K + N business challenge

The Internet has changed the landscape in which K + N operate and made possible the rapid and accurate exchange of data between cooperating parties. The drive from industry to reduce costs has led to the development of sophisticated demand driven supply chains. K + N realised that providing their customers with accurate and timely data about the status of their consignments in the supply chain would become increasingly important. In order to deliver a solid end to end visibility solution K + N needed to have the right infrastructure in the background to collate all the consignment status data from the different service providers in the supply chain.

The solution

K + N Ltd, the UK subsidiary of K + N International AG, engaged TrackTrans to provide communication technology and data links to their subcontractors. TrackTrans worked with the K + N IT department to develop data links with the TrackTrans message hub and provide a single point of contact for all the K + N subcontractors. This solved the K + N nightmare of multiple interfaces leaving a single TrackTrans interface to manage. On the contractor side, TrackTrans worked with the different contractors to develop interfaces where systems already existed, and to provide TrackTrans solutions where the subcontractors needed them.

With sub contractor activity continuing on 365/24/7 basis high uptime was essential from the TrackTrans solution. The secure Tier 3 hosting partner MDS provides the reliability and 24-hour monitoring that such a service requires.

The solution has worked with companies of all sizes right down to individual owner drivers who can access the web interface to the TrackTrans message hub and update K + N systems real-time with proof of delivery.

Business results

The initial trial was piloted at the busy K + N Heathrow depot. The quality and accuracy of the status information uploaded to the K + N worldwide tracking service from the Heathrow depot rose to 98% within a month of implementing the solution. At the same time the cost of administering proof of deliveries fell substantially and K + N were able to redeploy three administrative staff on other activities. Further work has been done with developing self billing and purchase orders and TrackTrans has worked with the K + N IT department to integrate with K + N financial systems. “TrackTrans has been a fantastic partner for us. They have worked closely with us to understand the particular nature of our business and have developed systems that deliver more than we had hoped for.” Says Keith Kingsbury, National Distribution Manager, International Forwarding